Sydney Blumenthal: The World's First Digital Human.

Sydney Blumenthal: The World's First Digital Human (2015)

This story is a bizarre adventure in neuroscience. It describes a small group of scientists and friends working in Oxford who, because of an accident, are forced to embrace the principle of self-experimentation. The consequences of their actions are not only unforeseen but quite unprecedented in the world of biological science - especially when they digitalise the entire personality of Sydney Blumenthal, a leading member of the group. As the story unfolds it tries - I hope in an entertaining way - to explore the tantalising cross-over between computer science, genetics and medical science, together with all the strange, legal and ethical ramifications this cross-over creates. It is this potent, fertile mixture of disciplines which, in many ways, is already defining the future of medicine. However, I have no doubt that the medical wonders that will in fact come to define the future, will far outstrip the scope of this story.

(Adult Fiction)

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