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Ezra and Mr.Bignall's Disappearing Math Class

Price: 8.00 USD
On his first day at his new school Ezra is given an endless list of arithmetic problems to work out. His new math teacher, Mr. Bignall, is hopeless, dull and boring. But something's not right. On day two Ezra and the class find out the truth. They experience adventures that catapult them across space and time. They watch the first humans use numbers for some pretty disgusting things. They witness the raw madness of superstitious people and watch Pythagoras behave like a gangster eliminating anyone he doesn't like - particularly students who ask too many questions. And the best thing of all? Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is now one of Ezra's classmates! (Children 10+ and Adults)

The Eternity Gene

Price: 20.00 USD
The year is 2020. Scientists have just begun experimenting with and ‘improving’ the human genome. Ezra & Josie are chosen by their Form Teacher, Mr. Bignall, to act as companions to HM The Queen who has agreed to be transported to the year 2130 (using a special device called a ‘U-com’) and to report on some possible disaster which it is feared has befallen society. What The Queen, Ezra & Josie (the three main characters) discover, is a world in which the results of a genetic experiment – designed to combat aging – have gone horribly wrong. They find a world dominated by grotesque, oversized creatures that have either forcibly ‘processed’ humans, or enslaved them. (Children 10+ and Adults) This is a large book containing Parts 1 to 10. It is approximately 22 cm X 28 cm and contains 638 pages with illustrations.

Temple Of The Blue Dog

Price: 8.00 USD
Today in many west European societies there is a growing sense of unease, of some ill-defined feeling of conflict. This sense of foreboding is really the acute dissonance between the traditional ideals of western liberalism and the more militant demands of a strident religious dogma. ‘The Temple Of The Blue Dog’ is set at some unspecified future date in the UK, when a new, highly misogynistic religion has become the dominant, legal force in society. The narrative consists of two stories which run consecutively. One involves a father from the caste of Untouchables who is desperately seeking medical help for his gifted daughter Rosie. The other story is about Susan, an open-minded young woman who decides to leave the city but who slowly becomes ensnared by the new restrictions imposed on females. Both stories run in alternating sections of about 2 pages each, eventually merging into a single narrative in the closing pages. (Adult Fiction)

Sydney Blumenthal: The World's First Digital Human

Price: 10.00 USD
This story is a bizarre adventure in neuroscience. It describes a small group of scientists and friends working in Oxford who, because of an accident, are forced to embrace the principle of self-experimentation. The consequences of their actions are not only unforeseen but quite unprecedented in the world of biological science - especially when they digitalise the entire personality of Sydney Blumenthal, a leading member of the group. As the story unfolds it tries - I hope in an entertaining way - to explore the tantalising cross-over between computer science, genetics and medical science, together with all the strange, legal and ethical ramifications this cross-over creates. It is this potent, fertile mixture of disciplines which, in many ways, is already defining the future of medicine. However, I have no doubt that the medical wonders that will in fact come to define the future, will far outstrip the scope of this story. (Adult Fiction)

Life's Cruel Wisdom

Price: 10.00 USD
A old manuscript is unearthed with the title ‘The Tragedy Of Life’s Cruel Wisdom By William Of Stratford 1615’, and it is immediately hailed as a lost, and probably last play, by Shakespeare. My book – ‘Life’s Cruel Wisdom’ – is what I have called a ‘novelog’. Brian Jones, the manuscript’s discoverer, scans and uploads pages from the unearthed manuscript and invites people to post comments on his blog after they have read and interpreted a page. As various bloggers post their comments, opinion about the manuscript’s authenticity continually shifts between true and false. Some bloggers misinterpret words in the manuscript and reach often quite absurd conclusions, while others are inspired to tell their life stories. Finally, however, as the drama of the play unfolds, an unsettling comparison begins to emerge between this Elizabethan stage play and today’s world. Eventually the unforeseen consequences of trying to share this discovery with the rest of the world, prove explosive, and a long, troubling shadow is cast over our tenuous, civilised values. (Adult Fiction)