Temple Of The Blue Dog

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Today in many west European societies there is a growing sense of unease, of some ill-defined feeling of conflict. This sense of foreboding is really the acute dissonance between the traditional ideals of western liberalism and the more militant demands of a strident religious dogma. ‘The Temple Of The Blue Dog’ is set at some unspecified future date in the UK, when a new, highly misogynistic religion has become the dominant, legal force in society. The narrative consists of two stories which run consecutively. One involves a father from the caste of Untouchables who is desperately seeking medical help for his gifted daughter Rosie. The other story is about Susan, an open-minded young woman who decides to leave the city but who slowly becomes ensnared by the new restrictions imposed on females. Both stories run in alternating sections of about 2 pages each, eventually merging into a single narrative in the closing pages. (Adult Fiction)

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