february 2016



...this morning I woke mouth-to-mouth with

          my behemoth

pushing its kiss down hard into my lungs


its theft disguised as affection

but the more I struggled the deeper its kiss moved


I was being embraced by the steppenwolf

dissolved into an ugly narrative


a misty, shapeless predator

an outworn inspiration


chipped at the edges

my tongue so entwined with the beast’s


I even began swallowing fragments of myself

this casual appetite of tyranny


like a mind devouring a mind

the devious, monumental deception


that trusts in suicidal faith

in thoughtless men-of-smiles


the sweet taste of carrion

a rush of saliva through the heart


mountains snapping at my throat

the shapeless, vast predator


untamed, hungry shadow

vanishing into the mist...






...O give me leave to curse

the naked violence of men


every one of whom takes into his mouth

his god’s spiteful erection


men principled yet sordid

devoted yet consumed


their climax to every engorged deceit

a passion to merely spit sex


the truth crushing the truth

an eloquent, viral falsehood


this supreme, five-star rating

of death’s raw cuisine


for who else but these deadly clowns

can blow away a child’s face


and call it freedom

the outliers, we who deliver genocide


world of clutter

world of endless revenge


I see you sitting at my table

everyone but you afraid to eat...






...what is it of this incestuous turmoil that we crave

to kiss ourselves on others’ lips


to have humanity claw its heart

the war-like temper a ruse


to intone even more blithe halleluiahs

a primate texting the universe


engulfed by entertainment

by neuro-plasticity at its best


the breathless magnificence of the world

a scattering of body parts


the images outside language

the mother whose scalp bleeds


as she wails and pulls out fistfuls of hair

another of god’s playful gratuities


the indiscriminate joy, song of songs

mitzvah for those yet to be


the seraphim who may turn back

once they have sensed the danger...

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The music is Julia Kent's 'Missing'.