may 2016



...yes, let us reach the sleep of our delusions

let’s empower the crucifying circus


and lower our heads

to the sanctity of cancer


maybe even have owls nesting in our shoes

then perhaps, we can insist


on the divinity of coloured balloons

on the right of women


to drink their menstrual blood

and spit sanity into the dust at men’s feet


and, as a symbol of our devotion

let’s also insist


that a line of pale, crimson tumours

be laid out end-to-end


to show-case the beneficence of pain

and the promiscuous torment of an everlasting life


even though, of course, we are merely

the embodied fantasy of the rocks


the earth’s tears

who, nonetheless, have been left


wiping eternity from our eyes

we, whose children one day


will hang by their feet

from the world’s boulevards and bridges


someone’s borrowed piety

carved across their faces


a strange, fractured hieroglyph

overwhelming the breeze...






...I love the vicious slide of evolution

the timeless, ruthless high-wire


that twists my DNA

into this murderous balancing act


where every idea, every thought

is driven by the sun’s lust


and so, just like every other rodent

I sit tucked into my special niche


eating the wings of flies

licking my scabs


a creature trailing its imperfections

high across the ground


waiting, however

for sex to slide into my body


and fill my brief universe with purpose

then am I free to bite the rising sentinel


the one who repeatedly butts his ruthless symmetry

up against my heart


an explosion of nerves out on the wire

the one place where love’s tension must always snap


the one reason my DNA turns vicious

and blinds the sun from the sky...






...every ballad is a multitude of teeth

an addiction splintering reality


into a thousand destinations

each vying for kingship


each primed for distraction

the once-in-a-lifetime brouhaha


of search engines sewn neatly into the skull

happiness disbarred


punched in the throat

this light, this unstoppable light


another collision with darkness

a mirth that pushes aside


the fatal immensity of death

the ballads splitting open


words, destinations, skulls

all fanning outwards


the unstoppable happiness

of finally dismembering god...






...was there ever such a belligerent sky as this

with these crass, slap-stick warriors


who high-five destiny

and wave their lonely erections


high on every corner

their fixed, viagra eyes


dragging women as meat into their mouths

the wide arena of our enlightenment


a botox reality

bar-coded, downloaded


a tactical shroud

that sweeps across the ecstatic world


the passion for overwhelming might

the default movie


dragged as meat into our eyes

the sales rep kissing his bullets


and begging passers-by to reach out

and touch his lethal flesh


the slap-stick destiny of our enlightenment

a tactical passion


a frigid, triumphant shroud

that drags its freezing ecstasy through the world...