november 2019





...I need to have some inhuman solitude

to see beyond solitude


a greater reach to turn obscurity

into something I can touch


a malleable unknown

or those stanzas I once chiselled into a mountain side


to strike at memory

at the irreconcilable totality of injustice


for there is no amnesty

no golden fleece, no covenant


no-one to bring back

the righteous among the nations


what there are, instead, are angels

engorged by fire


their throats fountains of blue, cold flames

the new solitude no-one can touch


these embers of the righteous

still clutching extinction


and what, if anything, I might have reached

may or may not be human...




                            (ii) leaves, like exfoliated souls that fall and fall

never once reaching solid ground


gravity waits

austerity waits


and only now do the clouds begin their monologue

prayers evaporating back into nothing


it is the chaos of some endless vertigo

where bones are obsolete


and the fall of water is reversed

the world falling upwards


dissolving the sky

this dizzying mismatch of words


the earth hurtling through our minds

scattering the truth


disintegrating souls back into nothing

austere yet still explosive


heavy yet still somehow senseless

this endgame, this shockwave


reaching the clouds

and shattering...






...tell me of the mystery maker

the effigy with perfect eyes


the charlatan who keeps hiding

the truth of all true things


who draws from his pockets

this new age of reasoned deception


and tell me too about the wiseacre

the one who twists this silvery wax from his ears


and of the dancing sorcerer and juggler

whose love is said to glisten with magic


or is it those two enchanters

whose hands and feet have grown from trees


the intellect and the vagabond

is it they who fashion


the reality of all real things

or is it, instead, this multiplicity of extremes


that pushes so many tongues

into so many mouths


in this age of spells

this age of perfect eyes


the effigy hiding either side of life...