january 2020




...only on this earth does life

dream of predation and fulfilment


nightfall fantasies that spin the sun

around the heart’s own axis


only on this earth are thoughts

left hanging high in the trees


like large, leathery bats

hungry for darkness


and only on this earth are there creatures

who will eat each other


because their dreams are different

because another’s death removes, even for a second


the certainty of their own

but then high in the glacial mountains of this only world


the freezing quartz breaks loose

and begins its journey


down through men’s souls

a grain of sand


that takes for itself the birth of all blood 

the child, the enemy, the friend


progeny of the deep earth...







...there is peace and there is peace

just as there is dust and dust


an unseen yet spectacular equality

that scatters the narrative of existence


these constant apparitions

that sew together the lips of the multitudes


these constant men

dressed in the icons of war


who believe that to kill

is to love oneself even more


that freedom is the enrichment of the soft air

a madonna in the skies


this megatonnage

this venom that scatters existence


the monuments sweating

the mystics shedding tears of gold


the unseen yet spectacular apparition

of who or what to believe


this peace covered in dust

these ghosts enriching the world...






...then, for no reason, pageants appear

jugglers, dancing bears, harlequins


all pirouetting in and out

of the mind’s theatre


all suggestive of the world’s dalliance

mocking and teasing


prompting yet another electrochemical birth

another sudden cascade of madness


of words born by caesarean section

seeds for a new language


squeezed out like pips

from the brain’s grey jelly


the biodegradable soul

where vowel-sounds crawl towards cognition


spitting into ears that don’t yet exist

these cells that whisper madness


mouths gaping

as though begging for speech


for the theatre to stop spinning

and instead to vow and to hold


this new, cascading soul...






...of all the given and known things

nothing can explain these feelings of infinite capture


they are the flickering pulses of light

from which we came


they are the dragon’s silver eyes

into which we go


the enormous liberties

the enormous prisons


haemorrhaging superlatives

these creators, spectators, dictators


captives of the infinite

with nothing to say


their stools turning black

their stomachs bursting


and then finally this

this weightless feeling of freedom


immense pearls of light

immense silver eyes


the unforgiving window

a journey, a poem made of echoes...






...behind every door lurks a wiseacre

an oracle with mad, vatic breath


forming couplets which, they claim

will abbreviate a thousand verses


and once spoken, lines that

will burn a million books


the ash of all human superfluity, they claim

but on both sides of the door


is the same infuriating universe

a lesion, a mandate, a scene


all converging on the soul

their darkness swelling


their differences falling

and yet these verses and books in flames


are a conflagration closing in

on all human thought


the ash of gods

the ash of words


couplets that stand waiting

naked beneath the stars


and yet for some reason

 unable to make a sound...