september 2020





...there are the outer fires and the inner fires

moments of clairvoyant rage


in which the gods of nothingness

feed their endless hunger through my soul


their thirst down into my endless bones

and this ash that rises


these words that blister the skin

they are, I suppose, a sort of emancipation


an emptiness, an omertà

that nails tongues to the ground


to this endless, infernal hunger

which has tried and tried


to eat its way through to the truth

to that clairvoyant mask


lurking in the earth’s greasy shadow

its flames merging


its ash spinning

simply because I am endless


because I am someone

who has already been burning


for millions of  years...






...what is this exotic mastery

which always seems to need its x’s and its y’s


its unconscionable light-years

its spirals branded onto our cheeks


is it simply a mystic migraine

bending space


filling every corner of every breathable world

with outright dominance


or is it something else

an inaccessible mastery


a rogue universe perhaps

its x’s eating all sentient life


its y’s tracing out these spirals

these exotic vows 


that promise when a stream of light

is again made solid


and the breathless, insane immensity of all things

transmutes back


into a gleam of fire

back into this cosmic migraine


then will our pain finally master the truth...








...every day I hang off the face of a mountain

waiting for wings


waiting for my bones to grow hollow

it is these winds, these howling noises


they carry a dangerous meaning

they sob and greet directly into my blood


this strange, ominous love

whispering ‘you have merely trespassed


your way all through life

flight is now the only freedom you have left’


far below I see the rivers glisten

like ribbons of unearthly silver


the frayed ends of fate

and in the blinding distance the oceans


strewn with discarded souls and gods

 eating the air


suddenly the mountains stand

and lift my wings


the helpless moment has come

my raven claws release their grip


and I rise and rise

an unwanted trespasser no more...