april 2021



...for years you were simply there

as aware of the ground


as the ground was of you 

but now there is metastatsis   


the path through eternity's mirror

for you have become the poison


the celebrant who eats shadows

a soul dissolved by acronyms


you wisp, you worm

always digging for words


always needing to pull scraps of verse

out from below the ground


a portrait, a story, a life

that was simply there


filling your bones with ice

with the shadows of the earth


slowly exploding

slowly out of control


eternity spraying its poison

over the mirror...









...has anyone ever truly touched

this one pulse, this one nerve


or truly heard the angels screaming

their savage thunder


this myelin world, this torrential world

sheathed in benedictions


biting our fingernails

gnawing at the eyes


these pathways, these cancers

these desperate cells 


touching the one nerve

the one pulse that feeds immensity


and so I roam between the winds

drowning, singing, begging


has anyone truly ever existed

or am I alone in this disappearance


alone with these savage angels

orbiting my mind


the one nerve, the one pulse

as faint and far away as ever...