february 2022




…come, put aside this bleary chorus

and stare ashamed


as vanity bleeds into the walls

these perfect, liquid egos


that suture the good earth

for who now launders the truth


wins the future

for they have learnt now


how to cut and sow the ground

with lizard’s teeth


how to rule the geospheres

and fill their great saphenous veins with gold


these dissident egos, these stylish egos

laughing as they open the good earth


to show how it is alive

with more than just blood


its subterfuge and gossip

its foetuses and rags


these liquid teeth

that rise and rise


tightening on the truth…






…I have never before spoken of you 

my inaccessible other


my oh so-epic sibling 

this colossal blood


this planet of eight billion minds 

enraged by its own solitude


by death’s vast undertow

trying to live for just one more day


and yet I have already seen you out there 

intractable, symbolic, damned


in every other face except my own 

for I am as inaccessible to all


as all are to me 

a daughter to everything, a son to nothing


this mind enraged by confinement 

by this unbreakable solitude


this planet that asks only one thing

to live for just one more day


and yet I can see you still

my sister, my brother, my colossal lover…





…is it not enough now 

these voracious ethics


these viagra victories

of pudding-faced men


whose intimate moments are spent

ejaculating into the eyes of those they have murdered


men who will never have to kiss

their own child’s severed face


so, is it now not time to say

enough of these ingrained wars


these vast, grim kleptocracies 

whose refugees are left to chase the clouds


from one land to the next 

enough of this mutually assured morality


this burnt offering of a world 

that fatefully looked the other way


as the pudding-faced man

swallowed his pills


and waved his erect sovereignty

high over the earth…


 (28.2.22 in memoriam Ukraine)